Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Darren Gray interviews Andrew Mercado & Ian McLean

"Darren Gray Down Under" on CTV1, 1995.

Wow, what a surprise to find this interview about Aussie TV soap opera, Number 96, on Youtube today! CTV1 was a community access television station out of Redfern, in inner-suburban Sydney. The producer at CTV1 was Joy Hruby. I've never had my own copy of this interview on video (thanks to Australia Post x two attempts), and yet here it is on Youtube! While my book proposal continued to hit brick walls, Andrew successfully launched "Super Aussie Soaps" a few years later. Thanks for uploading the interview, Darren Gray!

Darren Gray Down Under
Frame grab features Darren Gray, Ian McLean and Andrew Mercado.

Ah, by the way, the trivia question I missed in the interview:

Louise Howitt portrayed Pamela Marshall, the estranged wife of Andy (Peter Adams), who has kept the birth of his child a secret - until Tanya Schnolskevitska (Natalie Mosco) interferes. Pam overdosed with pills in a desperate attempt to take Andy away from Tanya, but her life was saved.

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