Friday, April 15, 2011

Nuggets of nostalgia

Gold Rush box

In the 70s, "Gold Rush" bubble gum, in little, plain calico bags, was popular. The bags contained yellowish-gold "nuggets" of bubble gum. I still keep a small coin collection in one. Above is the original US box art of "Gold Rush" bubble gum (as posted on the Universal Monster Army BBS by Hepcat). I think the gum was distributed in Australia by Scanlons.

Gold Rush gumGold Rush bubble gum - grape flavour

When revived a decade or so later, the cute, little, calico bag was replaced by a less-authentic, plasticised, waterproof bag - original... and grape flavour???

But below are Espeez (UK) "Gold Mine" nugget bubble gum by SP Enterprises Inc., and Mexican "Gold Nuggets" by Candy Creations Manufacturing Group. The new design means that the gum is separately packaged in an inner bag of clear cellophane. The gum is paler in colour to the original I remember. I found these at Sugar Fix in the CBD.

Remembering "Gold Rush" gum

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