Monday, March 21, 2011

An unlikely earthquake survivor?

Tsunami Andorian

Not wanting to make too light of two international natural disasters, but this little plastic "Star Trek" Andorian charm was purchased on eBay a few weeks ago - and was rather late arriving from Japan. He finally turned up today, with an apology sticker on the envelope: explaining he'd been found in Tokyo, at the bottom of the returning mail bag. So back to Sydney he had to go. Seems he would have been caught up in the big Japan earthquake of 2011. (The envelope wasn't damp, so I guess he managed to avoid the tsunami.)

Andorians may not be punctual, but they are resilient!

Tsunami mail

The sticker reads: "Dear Addressee, We found the mail remaining in an empty bag which had been originally sent to the destination. Thank you. Tokyo International Post Office."

Meanwhile, this recently came back from Mr Kim, my favourite local framing guy:

TNG: "Paths of Disharmony" cover slick

It's the autographed cover of Dayton Ward's "Paths of Disharmony", for which I was a beta reader.

REL Therin Park

Dare you take a stroll in New Therin Park?

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