Sunday, December 26, 2010

Restuffed reunion

Bluegum at 50

I recently rejuvenated a Wendy Boston teddy bear (right) belonging to my brother. Both he and the bear turned 50 this year. I dyed him from a pale, faded, turquoise blue - which had become more greenish than blue over the decades - and restuffed the poor, pathetic, flat thing with fresh wadding. I sent it off to arrive just on Christmas Eve and my brother opened it in front of all his family. Hilarious!

The gold bear (left) is mine (aged 52) and is also a restuffed Wendy Boston (Photo taken 2010).


Anonymous said...

I would have loved to see a video of teh opening.

Happy new Year, Ian.

Therin of Andor said...

The last time my brother saw his bear was 1982. He was lucky to even recognise it! My sister-in-law tells me it now sits in the middle of their king-size bed.