Saturday, July 24, 2010

Da Vinci Secrets: Anatomy to Robots

Vitruvian Andorian
"The Vitruvian Andorian"

Today, I went to an exhibition called "Da Vinci Secrets: Anatomy to Robots", a fascinating set of three-dimensional attempts to realise, using materials available in Leonardo da Vinci's time, some of Da Vinci's amazing drawings and designs.

DaVinci's wooden robot
Early Data prototype?

Of course, da Vinci has connections to at least two "Star Trek" series. Immortal Mr Flint, in "Requiem for Methuselah", met Kirk and Spock and claimed to be Leonardo da Vinci, among many other creative historical figures, and Captain Janeway (in "Star Trek: Voyager") spent many hours relaxing with a holographic da Vinci in a recreation of his workshop.

Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo always knew where his towel was.

Note the beginner's kickboard he invented to the left. I guess his Floaties are under his robes?

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