Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Mr Squiggle (not) on "Collectors"

This week on the TV show "Collectors", iconic Australian children’s character, Mr Squiggle, makes an appearance with his maker, Norman Hetherington.

"Hetherington talks about Mr. Squiggle, who went to air in 1959 for a trial season of six weeks only and lasted six decades for the ABC. The cartoonist and self-taught puppet-maker also shares Blackboard and many of his 400 puppets.

It airs 8pm Friday on ABC1."

Mr. Squiggle on Collectors!
Mr Squiggle

Be there or be upside down. Hurry up!

More information on Australia's first astronaut here!

Mmmmm. Check out the Comments section for the update.


Anonymous said...

this was not shown for some reason

Therin of Andor said...

You haven't heard the reason?

I've been trying to think of how to compose a response all morning.

It seems the host, Andy Muirhead, was charged earlier this week with having child pornography on his computer, so the ABC has (seemingly) wildly overreacted to possible viewer outrage and yesterday put the whole show on hiatus - and even (temporarily?) removed its web presence from the main ABC website.

Do they think he left subliminal messages scattered through the show or something? His hearing is in August, but until then, "Collectors" has itself become a rarity.

So much for innocent until proven guilty.

Andre said...

Talk about hopes dashed... I would not have known about Mr S appearing on Collectors but for your timely blog notice (nice blog btw!). At first I thought (as is often the case) I'd been reading about a past event, but checking the time/date on the post I thought "Fantastic, it's on tonight! Nothing could possibly prevent Squigs' triumphant return to the box now..." Then you guessed it, within hours the whole Muirhead debacle unfolded. I agree with you about the ABC's strange overreaction. The other talent on Collectors must be seething.

Therin of Andor said...

I'm pleased to note that the Norman Hetherington and Mr Squiggle segment of "Collectors" has finally been rescheduled: July 30th!