Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aftermath of Murder: trivia time


A hilarious discovery: watching DVD episodes of "Number 96" this week, on came a character called Dolores Hackenback, an brassy American "Oomph!" cosmetics consultant. She was helping Roma Godolfus set up a cosmetics section in the delicatessen.

I said to myself, "Wow! It's almost like they've based a character on the producer's wife, Del Harmon!"

Then I read the closing credits: Dolores was portrayed by... Del Harmon.

I'm really enjoying this batch of 32 more episodes of "Number 96", which continues the storylines following the death of the suiciding Patyhose Strangler. Also included on the DVD, as bonus features, are two newly recorded audio commentaries (2009) with Carol Raye (Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg) and Elisabeth Kirkby (Lucy Sutcliffe) talking to TV historian Andrew Mercado; a segment from "The Australian Way: A Salute to Aussie Sex Appeal", a long-forgotten TV special (1982, incorrectly identified as 1978), hosted by Gordon Elliott and Joanna Lockwood; the original 1976 "Adults Only" TV promo for the premiere of "And They Said It Wouldn't Last" documentary special; hilarious 1975 uncut Christmas messages from cast members; and 2008 footage of the Network Ten News announcement of the previous "Number 96" DVD release, including a reunion between Chantal Contouri (Tracey Wilson, the Pantyhose Strangler) and Pamela Garrick (one of her victims, Patti Feather).

Number 96 DVD inside strip 2
(This strip of internal artwork courtesy of Umbrella Entertainment.)

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