Thursday, March 26, 2009

Star Trek Barbies: couldn't help myself!

Okay, my excuse? Mattel's Barbie and I are currently the same age. She looks very well preserved for 50, though.

I wasn't planning to buy this trio: Ken as JJ Abrams' Young Kirk (Chris Pine), Ken as Young Spock (Zachary Quinto), Barbie as Young Uhura (Zoe Saladana), all from the upcoming "Star Trek" movie in May. But I saw them in a collector shop last night - the very last set left at High Court Cards, Penrith - and couldn't leave them there. Beautiful figures! (Kirk's real hair is wonderfully tousled.)

Star Trek Barbies 4
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I decided to open the figures, as you can see, but Uhura's hair, the third one I released, was a bit of a nightmare to set free from the backing material. I accidentally discovered a certificate and a "Star Trek" doll stand and post hiding inside the cardboard backing form of the red Uhura movie poster. Kirk and Spock have these goodies, too! Don't chuck out your packages!

Comparing these dolls with pics of the Playmates 12" action figures, I'm actually liking these Mattel characters better as young versions of the recast crew, and the costumes are well done too. (I'm only intending on buying a 12" Nero - Eric Bana - from the large Playmates line, but I'll be getting all smaller series offered.)

Barbie and Ken first joined the world of Star Trek in 1996, in a hotly coveted "30th Anniversary Star Trek Gift Set". A more generic-looking blonde Barbie posed as a Starfleet yeoman, and Ken posed as a Commanding Officer, standing beside cardboard cutouts of Shatner's Kirk and Nimoy's Spock. This time, they're boldly going even further!

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Therin of Andor said...

I buy my Star Trek toys to enjoy them. Sometimes I store packaging away (for possible resale, one day), but if no one ever removed toys from the packets, who would ever get to see how many points of articulation the figures have, all those tiny hands that never hold the accessories that are twist-tied so close to their bodies, but just out of reach...?