Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sweet coincidence

My site meter tells me that a recent visitor to my blog had typed into Google "Ian McLean cupcakes" and I was a bit bewildered as to how they knew I'd mentioned them a few times, especially last Midwinter Christmas, even if only briefly, but I followed the Google link and it led to this page... of posters for sale!

They weren't painted by me, no, but they do look delicious. Mmmmm, cupcakes...

Speaking of junk food - gosh I'm so hungry now -

Sunday's magic number: 92.6. No cupcakes for me, he says, eating his fifth Lemon Crisp bikkie. (What? I'm celebrating my big toe's return to full health. Any excuse.)


Eamon said...

I had a porno search in Google land me in my website (sorry, that all sounds a bit gobbledegook). It had something to do with 'insemination' and a few dirty words. All because I had written a very innocent article about working on an artificial insemination ranch in America. Anyway he (or she) didn't hang around that long when they saw the article was about cows instead of ...

Therin of Andor said...


A friend just had someone find their blog via the search terms "ikea+spiders" and then she commented, "Let's not combine those two words, ok? I like my Ikea spider-free".

To which I replied:

"Ikea spiders - they put together their webs with an Allen key."