Sunday, December 23, 2007

Frantic times, ho ho ho *

I was worried I hadn't posted this week but since everyone else is probably frantically doing last-minute Christmas things, too, I'll assume no one's looking for new blogs.

In case I don't get back to this until the New Year, Merry Christmas everyone!

I just finished reading the new "Star Trek: The Next Generation" novel, "Before Dishonor" by Peter David. It's a sequel to "Vendetta", which was written many years ago, and allows the author to flex his authorial muscle over the Borg and some key characters from "Star Trek: Voyager", a show Peter David was often very critical about.

I really enjoyed the fast pace of this book; it was only my busy end-of-year work commitments that kept me reading it in more isolated, one-hour chunks - otherwise this was easily the kind of ST novel to which I used to lose an entire weekend. (I recall, with great affection, "The Entropy Effect", "Final Frontier", "Metamorphosis", "Vendetta", "Sarek" and "Stone and Anvil"!)

I've also been updating my web page which celebrates the recent IDW "Alien Spotlight" comic, "Andorians: The Old Ways".

Sunday's magic number: 90.1 - not too bad, especially considering all the yummy party foods on offer this week. Wish me luck with Tuesday's pork crackling.

* Who cares if it's supposedly politically incorrect!


De said...

"Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in." --Michael Corleone, Godfather III

I had hoped to never read another Peter David novel again. While his novels are usually entertaining, the man himself is a world-class jerk having dealt with him for the past several years. I know I should separate the art from the artist but it can be a difficult thing to do. Maybe I can buy a used copy of "Before Dishonor"...

And a big Merry Christmas to you from this side of the planet. Looking forward to more entertaining blog entries in 2008.

Therin of Andor said...

If I recall, Peter David once did himself out of at least one free trip to Australia by being very demanding about bringing an entourage with him (ie. family members who would not be contributing to his performance at a comics convention), not to mention requiring two seats for himself so he could travel in style on the loooooong journey Down Under. Fully understandable that a guest's physical and emotional needs are met, but it priced him right out of the market for any Australian convention, present or future, no matter the size of the man's talent, nor the coffers of convention committees.

I love Peter David's characters and his wonderfully irreverent style when working in the Star Trek universe, and his other SF/fantasy work is also always very enjoyable. Too bad Aussies will only get to meet him if we travel to him.