Sunday, November 04, 2007

Guilt trips

Yesterday, I was out of the house for a full twelve hours: my second annual school fundraising shopping trip. Like last year, I was saved by being the token male by the presence of one other male shopper, and the bus driver. It was the second trip for me - and just as much fun as last year - but the 15th or so annual trip for the staff organisers!

What did I buy? A few Christmas gifts, two pair of shoes, some low-priced baking trays, a new doona cover, and lots of Christmas edible goodies (which I must now try not to eat before Christmas).

And how's NaNoWriMo, ie (Inter)National Novel Writing Month, going? Mmmmm. Bad question. I was so tired on Thursday night, after a day's work and the Star Trek Meetup, but desperately tried to meet my daily word count. I then tried to record my day's word count on the official website, but the site was running so slowly I gave up. Friday came and went, Saturday I was shopping all day, and today the burden of not achieving my totals for Thursday, friday and Saturday weighed heavily.

What a disaster. Can I salvage my dignity and get some writing done? At this point, it's not looking good. And while on a frustrating roll...

Sunday's magic number: 92.0 - slightly down on last week, which is good. I guess. This is where the diet gets really frustrating; I've cut down my food intake by such a lot, my clothes are fitting much better, I don't get breathless tying my shoelaces anymore, and I walk everywhere - and yet my body is content to stay stable at this mass. I've heard all the advice on the radio: I should be alternating my brisk daily walks with swimming (ick), or using a rowing machine (yuk). I'm resisting such drastic action, and hoping that the kgs will slooooowly keep coming off. But I still thought it would be faster progress for all the things I've given up.


Stefan said...

I was trying it once but English being my second language and a job plus school to be done with, this sort of writting-presure dried me out.
But you still can read what I got out of my head in this time. Its the beginning of a fanfac - story that takes place in the ENT-era.

So, when the next NNWM starts, I'll finish it if the time's right.

Therin of Andor said...

Stefan, you could always try writing in your native language, and translate later at your leisure? And you don't have to wait for the next NaNoWriMo. Ha! Says me, The Great procrastinator!

Stefan said...

Indeed I've writte a lot in German, in my school days, short-storys and poems (I've posted the begining of one in my blog). My problem is, I want to write a TREK-story, which is a dream I'm having for 10 years or so now. But there not so much German-fans and its better to find a good style for this sort of stuff in engl.