Sunday, September 23, 2007

Separated at birth?

This is a cool meme! My celebrity lookalikes:

Sunday's magic number: 91.4 - and still falling. It's been quite a comfortable week, especially with the students at school having their annual Peer Support parties on Friday, and everyone bringing in more food to share than one individual could ever have a hope of eating, so there was junk food galore, and I kept being offered (and accepting!) all manner of naughty treats.

A few times this week, I've questioned my decision of putting the numbers into the blog - but I guess, in the old days of just jotting the numbers in my pocket diary, there were inevitably some unsuccessful weeks where I just glossed over the fact that I'd overindulged, not to mention the weeks where I'd misplaced the little book and had to start a scrap piece of paper, carried in my wallet, until the diary turned up again. This new method is certainly working, in that I've only had one fall from grace - and that was the week when a boxful of Krispy Kreme donuts held me down and... Yeah, you get the idea. (And at least the above meme didn't come up with famously roly poly, chubby-cheeked celebrities such as Ricky May, Pavarotti, Magda Szubanski or Matt Lucas.)

Matt and Magda
Karen & Sharon in tonight's episode of "Kath & Kim"!

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