Friday, September 22, 2006

Starship Exeter: The Savage Empire Down Under

Yesterday I was asked to prepare a panel thingie about "Star Trek" fandom and the "Starship Exeter" fan films for presenting at the 25th annual ConQuest convention in Brisbane, Australia, on the weekend of 30 Sept/1 Oct.

They'll be dedicating an hour in the program, including my chat and a screening of "The Savage Empire", which we assume many Aussie fans have never seen. It's also been suggested that I cut up and auction off autographed swatches of my family room curtains (as featured in the tag of SE: TSE), but no promises.

It's funny. I'd just started working in a new school, and then "The Savage Empire" premiered on the Internet in the Australian December/January school holidays. When Term 1, 2003, started back, one teacher (who had previously worked out that I was an avid Star Trek fan) raced up to me and exclaimed, "Did you see the Sydney Morning Herald article about some wacky American Star Trek fans? They spent over $20 000 of their own money to make a Star Trek episode - they wrote it, acted in it, made their own costumes, special effects - everything - then they put it up on the Internet. It was so popular it crashed the Mac web server for several days!"

"Yeah, I know," I said with a smirk. "I'm in it."

Therin's Dad, Senator Therin Sr, cameos in The Savage Empire,
the pilot episode of the Starship Exeter fan film series.

Guests-of-honour at the convention include Richard Arnold (former "Star Trek" Archivist), Katy Manning ("Doctor Who"), Gary Lockwood ("2001" and "Star Trek") and Keir Dullea ("2001"; "2010").

I hope to catch up with lots of ST and SF acquaintances.



De said...

Neat UFP ambassador pin! Where'd you snag it?

Therin of Andor said...

It's cool, eh? That would have been from either "Star Tech" or "Intergalactic Trading Post", two indispensible mail order companies (to a Trek-coveting Andorian from Down Under), in the months following the premiere of ST IV, where the pin was first featured.

The square insignia is a homemade (by me) copperworked and enamelled Epsilon Indi logo from the old "Technical Manual".